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Caterina is an advocate for the arts and humanities who enjoys exploring cultural studies, anthropology, and the ‘why’ behind human behaviour and motivation. She found herself embarked on a digital career nearly twenty years ago, taking on roles in a wide array of disciplines, and ultimately discovered her calling and purpose in human-centric digital transformation. She aims to provide value to clients and outstanding experiences to consumers by placing digital technology in its rightful place as an enabler, and refocusing the conversation on the impact that all things digital have on people and their behaviours. In other words, empathy driven transformation is Caterina’s driving purpose.

In her limited free time, Caterina enjoys traveling, playing and listening to music, being by the sea, discovering exceptionally good food, and all forms of the arts: performed, exhibited or otherwise.

Having lived in cities across North America, Europe and Asia, she presently lives in London, UK – but finds a little piece of home everywhere she’s been a local.

Other interests:

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